Yes, you read that right! Playa Fly is back in a major way. I got to sit down and chop it up with the Memphis hip hop legend recently and he revealed a music video to his hit "Ghetto Eyes" would be dropping shortly. I almost lost my mind because "Ghetto Eyes" is a personal favorite of mine. The brash delivery and lyrical firepower mixed with a message that still resonates to this day will always keep the track near and dear to me. 

       I'm excited legendary artists are releasing music videos to their classics lately. It shows the newer generation that there was a time when lyrics meant way more than a catchy hook and a dope beat. A song actually had to have a message to be accepted in the hip hop communities. That's not a knock on all new artists, but overall the lyrical quality has faded. 

        I got to get a sneak peek at the new music video and I have to say that it definitely tells a story that many will identify with. You'll definitely have to pay attention to the lyrics. It's not a crunk, feel good track. It's raw, dark and tells the story of a person that sees the world differently based upon the cards life has dealt him.

Here's a sneak peek at the upcoming video!

The full video is set to drop on 12-29-17. Check out Playa Fly’s IG page (@playaflym3) and FB (Playa Fly) pages for more details. I’ve got my fingers crossed on a video for “Nobody Needs Nobody”. Especially if I get to help in the production!

Life is for Living,

Michael B.