I live a truly techie life. I have various gadgets that keep me connected to my various services and apps. As a blogger and photographer, I really need to have my gear with me at all times. I also need that gear to not only be extremely portable, but it also needs to keep me connected to all my other devices and play nicely. My camera has WiFi and I'm able to transfer, edit, view images on my iPhone 8 plus, but the screen is too small for serious work. Pulling out the MacBook Pro can be cumbersome at times. I also produce a weekly podcast so a simpler way to record and edit them while on the go.  

          After years of living in the Android ecosystem, I made the jump to Apple. Specifically the MacBook Pro. I followed that up with an amazing deal on a 27 inch iMac. This set up works great but I also love to edit and write while lounging around the house. The MacBook isnt always the best option for this. I've found myself editing more and more on my iPhone because I love the touch based interface. Enter the iPad Pro. 

          For years, I’ve said the iPad was just a glorified iPhone. I didn’t see it being capable of being a device I could use for more than YouTube videos. Seeing what I'm capable of with my iPhone 8, I decided I need something just as portable but more powerful. I waited and researched and decided to take the plunge for the new 10.5 iPad Pro. I picked up a 256GB LTE variant after seeing all it was capable of.  I also picked up the Apple Pencil, Smart Cover, Lightning to SD adapter and the Lightning to USB adapter.

          I have 14 days with the device to decide if I want to keep it or return it. I’m actually writing this post on the iPad Pro now! Something that was hard to do on my iPhone yet pretty simple on my iMac or MacBook Pro. My problem is I'm usually creative in the weirdest in the bathroom or laying upside down in my chair. Let's see if the iPad Pro can keep up with my blogging, photography, podcasting and general tasks. I will do updates on my workflow every couple of days and see if this device is the device that I will put into my photograph bag. Stay tuned! 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.