I had brunch yesterday at Slider Inn! This is one of my to go spots for brunching so hard. I love their patio on a nice day. It gets a little crowded but it's nice.  

I went with the Mix N Match sliders and cheese grits. I chose the Sausage and Egg, BLT &A, and the Memphis Original sliders. Everything was awesome.  

I washed it all down with their always amazingly clutch Jameson slush! Yes! Jameson and a Slushie combined! It's so good that I have to literally keep my dog Petey from trying to drink them. Yes, they are pet friendly!!  


Go check out Slider Inn! Tell them Mike sent you. It probably won't help much and they might not know me, but hey do it anyways lol.  

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.