Are We Still Not Cool With uber?

        This was a question I had over the past weekend. I knew a lot of people were deleting the uber app when the #deleteuber hashtag went viral on social media after many believed uber was trying to profit off the travel ban enacted by President Trump. There's even a #fuckuber hashtag floating around twitter as well. 

          So a group of my friends wanted to go downtown Saturday night but we also wanted to do some dranking, so this prompted my question about whether we were still was mad at uber. Someone said they are good now, so I downloaded the uber app, which I had previously deleted after my Vegas trip last October. I requested an uber XL since there was a total of 6 riders. Everything was going well until......

My phone rings.... 

It's a weird area code.... (410)

I answered it.  

"Hey it's Gary from uber. How many people do you have?  I answer hey Gary, I have 6. He asks if I'm in Hickory Hill. This was an odd question because I know I set the location correctly. I already had 2 shots at this point so I just answered yes. He says oh.  

An "OH" followed by a long pause. 

We all know what that means.  

He says oh I can't fit more than 4. I say Gary I ordered the uber XL, which is for up to 6 riders. Why would you answer this call when you can only fit 4? He says I'm ot coming to that neighborhood and hangs up.  

So basically I was racially profiled by Gary from uber . Shame on you Gary. Not cool at all Gary. I get the area has a stigma, but it's not all terrible. 

My response to Gary from uber: 


The #deleteuber hashtag lives on!!! Also notice I didn't capitalize uber in this post. I'm such a rebel!! If you happen to meet Gary from uber, tell him he's not cool at all and racially profiling is more than just rude; it's totally wrong. 


Life is for Living, 

Michael B.