There are some awesome things to do in Memphis for you and that special someone. There are also lots of things to do for folks that might be going solo dolo for Valentine’s Day. If you're in Memphis, here’s an very detailed list of all things that are happening from ILoveMemphis Blog

         What I want to talk about is less things to do, but what you should or should not be doing. I think you know what I'm talking about! This may help you survive Valentine’s Day and avoid any issues. This guide should help those who live anywhere. 

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts and are based on my personal experience.

Tips for the ladies:


Give him something he actually wants. 

        Ok fellas I will say it for you since you’ve been silent for years. Ladies, sometimes we hate your gifts but we gladly accept anyways. Why? Well, it’s not often that we receive gifts and we gotta take whatever we can get!  Guys don’t necessarily like flowers or candies. How about tickets to a game? Maybe his favorite jersey? Some cool gadget possibly.  The best Valentine’s Day gift I ever received was tickets to see the Knicks play the Grizzlies. The worst, a sweater vest that even Dr. Huxtable wouldn’t wear.

Lingerie is not a gift!

          Ladies, you wearing lingerie is not a gift! I’m sorry, but that doesn’t get you off the hook. Shows a lack of creativity. Don't be that lady! If a guy showed up in a giant red bow saying he was the gift, you’d be a little disappointed. Well, maybe not everyone!

Put it into words!

           Write us something nice! Guys love reading tales of our triumphs. We have an ego to uphold by the way. Include something funny though, going sappy for too long can be a bit of a snoozefest.

Make a plan!!

        Have a suggestion! There’s nothing worse than having to do all the Valentine’s day planning. Valentine’s Day is for love, not just a day to shower your lady with gifts. There’s another person in that relationship as well. Plan together! Like a real couple!


Just Say No to Side Chick Day!

         Never accept an invitation to go out the day after or on the weekend because he’s busy. We all know what this means ladies. You’re worth more than that. (Trust me I got you all later in this post)


Tips for the Guys

Have a Plan!!

          Don’t wait until the day before to ask her what she wants to do! Trust me, you will never be able to live that down until at least summer. You’ll be that guy. Don’t be that guy! Try to come up with 3 different ideas and run it by her. She’ll think you actually cared and put some thought into it. Instant brownie points! Thank me later.

Don’t be predictable!!

          Don’t be predictable! If you gave her a card, flowers and chocolate last year, switch it up a bit. Try something different. You don’t like getting a tie or sweater for each birthday and she hates getting the same thing each year as well. Wanna be different? Check out the Cookie Florist HERE. My dad got these for my mom once and I even remember how happy she was!

Dare to be Different!

           Don’t do the traditional dinner. If you're hellbent on dinner, at least try one of a nice establishment. Avoid the chains! You’re not in high school anymore. Take that lady somewhere new and exciting. Refer to the above list for ideas in Memphis! Remember to reserve early!!

A Final Warning!!

          This is the last and final tip for the fellas. This one will make or break your relationship. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SKIP VALENTINE’S DAY AND SUGGEST YOU GO OUT ON THE WEEKEND! The weekend or the day after is National SideChick Day. Move a mountain, go in to work early so you’re off early, body slam an old man! Do whatever you have to do! Your only saving grace would be that her birthday falls within a day or 2 of Valentine’s Day.



           These are just a few suggestions to help you all out. The important thing to remember is that Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. Love should always be something that is reciprocated by each member of the relationship equally. Anything less and you’re in more of a situation-ship. It also should be the day you decide to be romantic. You should do that other days as well. To my single friends, chin up. You can still have a kick ass time! Who knows, you might just meet someone out. Remember to wear a smile because you never know who’s looking at you.

Life is for Living,

Michael B.