It's that time of year again! March Madness! The time when employers catch their employees sneaking to watch basketball games all day. The time office pools start up and Jackie in Accounting wins $2000, but has never watched a single basketball game in her life. When Frank in shipping has all of the stats on each team and almost has a nervous breakdown when a 15 seed upsets a 2 seed. 

         Yes, March Madness is upon us. What's more madness is the ticket pricing. The Sweet 16 and the Elite 8 Southern bracket lands 8 teams in Memphis inside the GrindHouse. We have the honor of possibly hosting John Calipari again in the FedEx Forum.....Oh how we love that guy. The games are slated to take place Friday March 24th and Sunday March 26th. 

          Naturally, I hit up all my friends and we were all super excited to go! We've never been to an NCAA tournament before so this experience was going to be epic! Until we looked up ticket pricing...... Tickets started at $255 for the nosebleed sections! No this is not the price for all of us and not the price for the weekend. That $255 is for 1 person for 1 day! Yes! The lower levels are even crazier. They start around $495 and go all the way up $880!! 

          It's early but let's do a little math. The FedEx Forum holds 18,119 people. Let's average the price of the tickets to around $650. That's about 11.7 million per day! Factor in concession sales and that's a huge payday for the NCAA. That's also a huge concern because the actual athletes don't get paid anything for competing. I won't get on my soapbox about that today. I'm left to wonder how a parent could pay $500 to take their child to a sporting event.  

ย            So the crew is left to find alternate plans. Luckily Memphis has some great spots to catch the game. We are currently game planning how to turn this into an epic adventure. We will definitely be paying attention to the actual attendance of the games. Why? Because we are a bit petty lol. 

Life is for Living,          

Michael B. ย