It's that time of year again and this one revolves around my favorite pasttime, eating. Next week the city of Memphis will once again feature Memphis Black Restaurant Week. A week dedicated to introducing Memphians and everyone in the MidSouth to some of the lessor known black owned restaurants that the city has to offer.

            Memphis is no slouch when it comes to dining establishments, but it's always great to find that hidden gem or the diamond in the rough. I get excited thinking about new food possibilities.

 Cynthia Daniels

Cynthia Daniels

           Memphis Black Restaurant Week is the brain child of Cynthia Daniels, Cynthia Daniels and Co. She organized last year's culinary event, which was a major success resulting in $85,000 in sales, 3185 customers and creating 38 new jobs for local Memphians! Now that's impressive!! I actually first met Cynthia officially at last year's MBRW and since then she's done some amazing things since. Not only is MBRW back for a second year, but it's expanding to 9 additional cities!

           This year's MBRW features 12 restatarants including familiar faces in H&M Dessert Lounge, DΓ©jΓ  vu and Scoops Parlor, but also includes new comers Phillip Ashley Chocolate, Sweet Potato Baby and 2 Vegan Sistas. For full listing of this years participants, click HERE.

           This is another great event for Memphis and we should all support the participants. I'm currently planning my week out! No reservations are required, but be mindful that lines could be a bit longer than normal. So have some extra patience.  Memphis offers other successful events that are open to all; including Memphis Italian Festival, Memphis Jewish Festival, and Memphis Greek Festival. Let's all get out and make Memphis Black Restaurant Week just as big and inclusive to all!!

For menus and participant info, click HERE

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