Oh Uber. How I love thee! The adventures I have in the Uber universe are second to none. Today was no different. I had to take my car in for some service this morning and I decided to catch an Uber back to work. Sounds legit so far, right?

          Well, my driver arrived about 8 mins later. My driver, whom I won't name, drove a very nice BMW 5 series. I thought I hit the jackpot of an ultra Uber riding experience. Little did I know I was in for the ride of my life. 

          The ride started out a little weird. I was the drivers very first customer. Yay! An Uber virgin! She instantly hands me her phone and asks how she's supposed to accept my ride. I have never done this before so we figured it was just a swipe to the right and the ride started. A little weird, but it was her first trip. 

          So we start off heading from Olive Branch, Ms to Memphis. She completely ignores the directions that the GPS app is providing her. Then she turns down a very sketchy looking street. She stops in the middle of the road and says she's never seen this road before and maybe she should turn around. By this time the GPS had rerouted her and I told her it's probably best to follow it. We get to an intersection and there's a car coming from the right. She didn't even look. She just pulled out going about 3 mph. I knew sitting in the front seat was a bad choice. 

          We go down a few more streets that she's never seen before and she stops to take in the scenery at each. I'm a bit frustrated at this point, but what can I do? I can't just jump out even though that thought was running through my head. So I thought this was the perfect opportunity to small talk to find out more about my Uber driver. 

Me: So I'm your first Uber rider. That's really cool. 

Driver: Yeah. My son is really nervous. I need to call him to tell him I'm ok. 

Calls son

Driver: Yeah he's cool. He's black.

Me: (pauses and thinks....mainly because she's white)

Me: So what made you want to be an Uber driver?

Driver: Well, my husband killed himself 3 weeks ago.....He had really bad trust issues.

Me: Oh wow! (zones out. I instantly know this might be my last ride in a car. She's definitely gonna kill me.

          She's still rambling about her husband, but I've completely checked out of the conversation. How and why did it escalate there? We couldn't just go to needing some extra income? Nope we go to the moon and talk about the suicidal husband. 

           So she eventually gets me to my destination, but I'm still lost. Why is this lady driving an Uber this soon? Did she buy that sweet ride with the insurance money? Why was it cool that I was black? Did she really almost run over the curb making a left hand turn? Is she really ok? I have so many questions. So many. 

          The adventures I have with Uber are amazing, but this one takes the cake. 

Life is for Living,

Michael B.