It's Memphis Black Restaurant Week and I decided to take my lunch talents to Best Friend's Grille. I did this for a few reasons. The first being that I'm notorious for saying there's nothing to eat in the suburbs. The second is because I wanted to try something I've never had before.  

            The special today for Memphis Black Restaurant Week was a choice between chicken alfredo and fried catfish with fries. I opted for the catfish and glad I did. The first course was a salad. I went for the Ceasar salad. The salad was just an ordinary salad but I wasn't expecting something amazing either.  The catfish was very good and cooked to order. I'm no big fan of catfish so by saying it was good is really telling. Also, those fries are addictive! I don't know what secret concoction they have in the back, but this stuff has to be illegal.  

Ceasar Salad  

Ceasar Salad  

Catfish and Fries  

Catfish and Fries  

         My experience was very good. When I arrived I was the only person there, but it quickly filled up. I was equally impressed with how diverse the customers were. Real talk, there were whites and Asians dining! Shout out to diversity!! 

         The décor was pretty good. The clear chairs were different but in a good way. They might not be the strongest chairs in the world though. The flowers in the table are a nice touch as well. My server, Tawanna was great! She smelled amazing and had great makeup lol. I know I notice odd things.  


          I enjoyed this lunch. The lunch portion was pretty big and I took home some. I will definitely venture out to the burbs again to try their regular menu soon. I can definitely recommend Best Friends Grille as a Memphis Black Restaurant Week stop you should make.  


Life is for Living, 

Michael B.