Memphian Monday: TwoinSpeaks

          I have a photoshoot and sit down with Memphis artist, TwoinSpeaks. An up and coming hip hop artists that has a unique style yet still has a flow that is purely Memphis. He's just dropped a new single that I'm really digging. Here's the interview and photoshoot. 


How did you first get into hip hop? When was the moment that you said that you would be a rapper?Who were some of the artists that inspired this decision?

I want to say in middle school, there was this guy I took class with in 6th grade who was rapping. I messed around with it then with him but on my own, probably around age 22 . Just being in this city of music was enough for me to do it . I’m inspired by mostly Three 6 Mafia, DJ Sound & The Frasyer Click, Criminal Manne, MC Mack. Also inspired by new school artists like Gucci Mane and Larry League well .

How did you come up with your stage name? What other names did you think of?

I originally started by thinking of a way to be a household name without offending my listeners kids or relatives when introduced to a new audience . Plus, I just speak my mind when creating or in conversation . Ppl already knew of (An)Twoin as a person, so it was easily identified . I wanted to ride that A$AP Mobb wave with “A$AP Twoin” but it was just Twoin when I started brainstorming

How would you describe your music? Have you worked with any big name artists?

I would describe it as trap, but I think that’s because of my beat selection as I’m told but for the new comers I’d say miscellaneous. It isn’t a subject I can’t touch with a verse or 2.
I have something in the works with a BIG artist but I don’t want say who until it’s completely done .
One901 will have first dibs on that though.

Hidden talents?

Wheeewww, I can legit sketch & I’m a graphic designer . Oh and I can ball, basketball to be exact .

Being a fellow South Memphian, how do you feel that helped mold you into who you are and has that helped or hindered you in your pursuit of your Rap career?

South Memphis is a hard place to come up in , so when your everyday life is a struggle for years and you reach the lighter side of things as an adult it makes you appreciate the smaller things so much more . I show gratitude in all cases . It’s more so helped me in the pursuit of a career as an artist . That same struggle my family endured fuels me more every time I step in a studio .

What's your favorite place to eat in Memphis?

Tough question, favorite restaurant has been shut down which was Chiwawa’s but now Slider Inn . Order a Memphis Trio with a Jameson Slush . It’ll blow your mind !

Every big artist from Memphis is claiming to be the King of Memphis. Who's the king of Memphis in your opinion? 

I want to roll with what Young Dolph stated. He said that we were all Kings of the city . We have a pyramid in our city as well as the city of Memphis in Egypt . Anybody that can maneuver through THIS city and accomplish goals and dreams is a king.

If you could be president for one day, what would you do?

Throw a political party for all of the world leaders . To better the communication of all nations. I think it would calm down some of the worlds issues . More dialogue and solutions instead of sweeping things under the rug

As an recording artist, do you feel you have the responsibility of being a role model? Do you feel your voice has the power to cause social change?

No. I don’t feel the I have the responsibility of a role model . Most of my music comes from past and current situations . I don’t expect a child to be fascinated by what I’m going through. Although, things are going to be relatable whether you heard it or you’ve done it . It doesn’t have the power to cause social change . People often pick a part things entertainers say or just take the bad and try to degrade the person in any spotlight . So it could change for the worse never better .

How do yo feel about the current state of hip hop?

Overall? It’s cool . I’m enjoying it. I just wish in my city, that the bigger rap names would resolve issues and give some of this new talent a chance to breathe in the rap community . People always say “any publicity is good publicity” but when it’s negative, it’s only good for those involved