Issa Lounge Mane

          I once again took my talents to Artistik Lounge over the past weekend. This is really becoming a trend. Am I becoming too predictable or is this just one of the dopest recurring events in Memphis? I'm gonna have to say "What is a dope recurring event in Memphis for $500, Alex". 


            The vibe of Artistik Lounge is so chill and inviting. Partly because there are lounge chairs, couches and pillows everywhere, but it's more the vibe of the people. Positive vibes make everything so much better. So many positive individuals in one place all collectively vibing to good music and food! That's a hard combo to beat. 


           I've also found Artistik Lounge to be a great spot for networking. There are lots of movers and shakers in the city that attend. For instance, on Sunday I chatted it up with Cynthia Daniels, who seems to be behind every awesome event lately. I also ran into Jamal Whitlow who runs what I call a social charity group that likes to party called Privileged Memphis. Hip hop artist Tyke T was in attendance. As well as Cat Evans of CLE Events, who puts together Dreamfest. There are plenty more that I've left off, but you get the gist. This is an awesome place to network. 




           So we all have heard there's nothing to do in Memphis by lots of people. Well here's something! Go check out Artistik Lounge on Facebook and Instagram for details of the next lounge. I hope to see you there!  


Life is for Living, 

Michael B.