Don Don's Jr Wings

           I love wings. It's pretty much always an option unless I'm going to a nice restaurant. In Memphis, there seems to be a wing place on every corner and they all claim to be the best. The current one on my radar is Don Don's Jr. I heard about this spot from listening to John Martin and Jason Smith on 92.9 ESPN radio and I had to check it out. 


          I can't front, when I saw the address, 5699 Mt Moriah,I was concerned but you don't judge food by the location. Some of the best food I've had were in way worse places. 

Photo cred: Yelp

Photo cred: Yelp

         The interior is very nice and clean. It's very spacious for a wing joint. The walls are adorned with the words of praise from notable customers. I saw yours John Martin! I see you big homie! 


          I was faced with toughest decision of the day when trying to decide in a flavor. They offer both traditional and premium flavors. I decided to take one from each for my 20 piece. I decided on seasoned and paired it with spicy taco.....yes you read that right. 

         I was a bit skeptical, but I must admit that the spicy taco flavor is the absolute truth! I've never had anything quite like it. It wasn't crazy spicy but they definitely had a taco seasoning vibe to them. The seasoned were pretty good. I can't out the high mark on them as the spicy taco wings.   

           So all in all, I'm convinced that Don Don's Jr Wings are in fact the truth and definitely worth a visit. Just the creativity I'd the premium flavors are enough to make me come back and try them until I've had them all. Also about out to Don Don's for giving you more than one ranch packet for a 20 piece. Y'all the real MVP for that!

I'm not an overly prideful man, but John Martin and Jason Smith were right!!  


Life is for Living, 

Michael B.