I finally got the chance to head over to Interim for lunch after putting it off for quite some time. I've heard that they have a really good burger, so I decided to accept this challenge because I love a good burger. Memphis has some very good burger spots and the competition is high. I wasn't sure if Interim could compete with the local burger juggernauts. 

          I must admit the interior is great! I love the look of a kitchen that's open to the customers. Seems so fancy! Having a wall of wines is never anything to be ashamed of either. 

           The presentation of the burger was very good. That always gets good points from me. Who wants to eat food that doesn't look good? Savages, that's who!

           I enjoyed the burger, but I wasn't overly impressed. It was missing something. Don't get me wrong, it's a very good burger, but it lacks a little soul to me. It was cooked well and featured some great toppings, but it might have been a little too upscale. It's just a burger plain and simple, but it's not exactly a simple burger.  Would I try this burger again? It's possible, but I wouldn't necessarily make it a a routine. If I had to rank this burger, I would say maybe a 3.5 out of 5. 

          Have you ever had the burger at Interim? I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Drop a comment and let me know! 

Interim is located at 5040 Sanderlin Ave, Memphis, TN Β 

Life is for Living,

Michael B