Why So Much Hate For The Male Romper?

        Normally i wouldn't write about things like this, but have you seen the newest fashion trend, the RompHIM? It's literally the most polarizing issue happening on social media at the moment. If you haven't seen or heard about it, here's the ad

          I will start by saying that I personally like the idea of the RompHIM. Why? I think it looks like a pretty cool Sunday Funday day drinking outfit and something a bit different and funny. You would think that's all I would need to say and we could simply move on, correct? Of course not!

          I made a Facebook post about liking the RompHim and I was immediately met with some very interesting comments. Some liked the idea, but many did not. Why? The main concern was that by wearing a RompHIM, I would then instantly become gay. That's the part that struck me as odd. I thought in order for me to be gay, I would have to have same sex relations. Seems I was sadly mistaken.  I also got comments such as, "It will make gay men attracted to you". To that I say, I don't think it would be because of my clothes. I've never seen gay men as some scary group of guys I should run from and cover up around. If I'm approached by an interested guy, I simply state that I'm not gay and keep on enjoying my day. That wouldn't destroy my entire day or life. Why? I'm very secure in my sexuality. 

          As a Black man, it seems the worst insult that can be given to me is to proclaim that I'm homosexual whenever I do something other black men would not do. Honestly, I can think of a few other things worse than being called gay; like absentee father or murderer, but it seems being called gay is the ultimate sin amongst my people. I was once told that having a gay friend made me gay lol. I literally burst out laughing at that one. The male ego simply can't be this fragile! 

It's gotta be cool if James Bond wore one, right? 

It's gotta be cool if James Bond wore one, right? 

          There are so many other things that should be more important than what a person decides to wear. Like how do we find more time to eat tacos, why aren't there more Chik-fil-a restaurants near my job, and when the hell is Game of Thrones coming back on? These are way more important issues people! Not to mention the tensions with North Korea, rising costs of food and healthcare, and the constant issues within the current White House regime. 

          Fortunately the RompHIM is here so get used to it. It won't turn you gay. It might not make you look cooler or be very flattering on all body types, but it's here. This one article of clothing shouldn't cause a homophobic outrage. It's just a romper for dudes. It ain't the end of the world. I will be ordering one and rocking it on a patio one Sunday Funday. The most important thing about Sunday Funday is not what someone is wearing. It's about who has the cheapest mimosas! 

Life is for Living,

Michael B.