Photo cred: Memphis in May

        The time is upon us! That time in the spring that brings artists from around the world to perform on the banks of the Mississippi River. It's Beale Street Music Fest time!! This is an annual event that brings thousands out to party and enjoy music in Tom Lee Park. Music Fest kicks off May 5- May 7, so now is the time to get those tickets! I've come up with a last second list to help make your experience better. 


Prepare for Rain 

The weather forecast says it's going to be a nice weekend, but if you're from Memphis then you know our weather does whatever the hell it wants to. I do know that's it's pretty common for it to rain during BSMF. With that being said, bring a pancho and wear those rain boots. Even if it doesn't rain, wear rain boots. Trust me, wear the freaking rain boots!  


Parking sucks

Parking sucks overall downtown. Yes I said it. We all know this, but it's something you have to deal with. Unless you have some friends or family that lives downtown, Uber and Lyft will be your friends. Remember that Uber and Lyft rates may increase during this festival. You've been warned. 


Stay Hydrated

Every year someone passes out due to not being hydrated. Please remember to drink water as with with any other beverages you may be consuming. You'll be standing most of the festival, so definitely make sure to take care of your body.  


What not to bring

Per BSMF website: Selfie sticks, drones, beverages, bicycles, cameras, cans, containers, coolers, food, glass bottles, laser pointers, lawn chairs, oversized umbrellas, pets, recording equipment, roller blades, roller skates, water guns, strollers, thrown objects (baseballs, footballs, frisbees, etc.) or weapons including pocket knives are NOT allowed! 


Have fun!! 

Last up but the most important tip is to just have fun! Enjoy the moment with friends and family. Take in the good and the bad. Maybe 2 Chainz will throw 1 chain into the crowd  on Saturday or maybe someone will break out into a crazed freestyle dedicated to the Beatles. Who knows. Just enjoy the moment and the energy of the crowd. This is one of the best experiences in Memphis and if you're in that crowd then you're at the best place to be that day. So turn up and I will see you there!! 


Life is for Living, 

Michael B.  

Cover photo cred: Memphis in May.