5 Things you Learn in a Memphis Power Outage

          There was a recent storm that blew through the Bluff City, which I'm officially calling Hurricane Timberlake, that damaged lots of property and left over 200K residents without power. As of this post, 75k Memphians are still left without power. Here are 5 things you learn when there are power outages in Memphis. 

1. You learn how cool you are with your neighbors

       If they offer you assistance, they like you. If not, avoid them like the plague. They don't like you and possibly throw trash in your yard. Trust me, you're the neighbor the other neighbors talk about. Work on that. 

2. You learn four way stops confuse most Memphians

          It's like the worlds most complicated math equation. Either people don't know when to go or they blow straight through them. Here's what you're supposed to do at four way stops. 

At a four-way stop if two vehicles reach the intersection simultaneously, the vehicle on the left must yield the right-of-way to the vehicle on the right.

It's in italics so it's gotta be official. 

3. You learn having large trees near your home can be dangerous

          Trees are great. They provide shade and oxygen. They are homes to birds and lost kites as well. For all that good, trees have a dark side. They like to fall on your things! Yes, those lovable giants will crush your things when they fall. Also, consider your neighbors trees as well. They can become your problem. 

4. You learn MLGW has a total monopoly on the utilities game.

          Oh MLGW! How we love thee. I've never understood why Memphis only has one utilities provider. Competition is a good thing right? Maybe it's time to look into that. MLGW states that 40% of it's wires are underground and it would cost an estimated 3 billion to bury the remaining 60%. As I look at my light bill, I think they could swing that bill easily! 

5. You learn Survival skills

             This is basically a zombie apocalypse trial run. This will show if you will live to fight another day or with you will have your brains eaten by zombies. Need more zombie visuals? Click HERE for the last post from the Memphis Zombie Walk. The skills you learn from a power outage are invaluable. 


Hopefully everyone has their power restored soon and everything goes back to normal. Also, Memphians show off that Southern hospitality and invite your friends and neighbors over for dinner, to take a shower, or charge their cellphones. Anything helps in these times and this is when we should stick together as a city. You can follow MLGW's Twitter account for updates and to put in a request to have your power restored. Power companies from other cities will arrive today to assist in restoring power and tree removal. Be patient and be kind to one another. 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.