I know I know. Another wing spot. Memphis seems to have more hot wing spots than BBQ spots. They come and go and basically offer the same experience and flavors. Every now and then one comes along and wows you like THIS ONE

          This brings me to 901 Wings and their claim as the "King of Wings". My good friend Will dragged me to 901 Wings for lunch and my first thought was "Not another wing joint", but I went anyways.  

          I must admit I was actually surprised by how nicely the place was decorated. Most wing places aren't very jazzy, but this one was really nice. I liked the artwork and red walls. Check out the stools near the window. They are in a great spot to people watch! The decor of a restaurant is just as important as the food in my opinion. But hey, I'm no expert on interior design. 


           I ended up ordering the grand opening special, which is 7 party wings or 3 whole wings, fries and a drink for $6.95. Will insisted that I get the honey hot, but I played it super safe and went with the seasoned wings. Normally I would go for something more exotic. I'm not sure why I went so safe. 

 Seasoned wings with seasoned fries

Seasoned wings with seasoned fries

 Honey hot wings with regular fries 

Honey hot wings with regular fries 

          What you really want to know is how it all tasted. Why else would you be reading this? I have to be as brutally honest as possible and say it wasn't bad. The seasoned wings were just like I thought they would be. Nothing to report there. The honey hot however were pretty dang good. Will only let me have one so my lunch wasn't at peak lunch potential. I should have listened to him in the first place. The seasoned fries were awesome btw. 


          Would I go back? If I'm downtown and have wings on my mind, sure! I would definitely go back. I still want to get my own order of honey hot wings. As far as the "King of Wings" title, I can't give them that one but they aren't a peasant either. See what I just did there?  

I say go check them out if you're downtown and want a pretty good wing spot. 901 Wings is located at 92 N Main St.  

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.