Wake up the Humanity: Justice for Laylah Washington

       Last night I attended the candlelight vigil for 2 year old Laylah Washington. 2 years old and she's already gone. Why? I don't have a logical answer for why she was shot during a road rage incident. What I do know is this is yet another senseless shooting that seems to occur daily in my city. 

          I love my city more than anyone, but I'm also not naive to the fact that we have a serious crime problem here. It's sad that we have become numb to it at this point. I'm normally not affected when I turn on the TV and see another shooting. That lack of empathy is very alarming.  

          But what do we do to stop this violence? I've heard every attempted justification for increased crime from lack of necessary resources to poor education to systematic oppression. All those are very real issues that need serious attention, but they can also be used as excuses for a lack of humanity. When did we lose sight of right and wrong? Why are our situations determining our actions? When did another person's life lose its value?  These are the questions that always come to mind when I see senseless violence in my community.  

            To my black brothers and sisters, I love you and see your worth, but its time to change how we think, how we teach our children to think, how we live and how we treat each other. We have to see the value in one another. We have to make black lives matter to the world by showing how much black loves matter to us. I shouldn't have to fear my own people. Let's show a world full of hate that we can lead by example and show love and solidarity in our city. 

            If you have any information about those involved in this senseless shooting, please call 901-528-CASH.  

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.