Tomorrow is not promised.

          On yesterday, I lost one of my closest cousins due to complications with asthma. I am taking this loss pretty hard because we were like brothers and talked on a very consistent basis. He was a great guy and even though he was a few months younger than me, I always looked up to him. He was expecting his first child here very soon and that also makes this loss even harder. 

         Today my thoughts are with his family and the rest of mine. Far too often we come together in the event of a loss and not just because. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone and in the blink of an eye a loved one could be gone. I encourage you all to just call or text a friend or relative and tell them that you love them and are thinking of them. Those could be the last words you here from them, so make them count. 

         To my brother cousin, Jermonte, I love you man. I will always remember you for advising me at the age of 11 not to trade my OJ Simpson rookie card for a Robery Horry and Cedric Ceballos card. You saved me big time that day! Arguing with you about sports everyday was amazing, even though you had poor taste in teams. Thank you for being not only a great cousin, but a great friend as well. 


Life is for Living,

Michael B.