Somi Decor Pop Up Shop

          Got a love for home decor? What about African inspired prints? If so, you need to head over to 7 N. Main St and check out the Somi Decor Pop Up Shop. Hurry because the pop up shop will only be there until the end of June. 

          I have to admit I was a bit nervous going to a home decor pop up shop as a man, but it was a really good experience. I'm totally not the best interior decorator out there, but I know a few things. I can match things to a certain degree. My mom taught me the fine art of the decorative pillows!


          Speaking of the pillows, I was surprised by the prints I saw. I've seen some traditional African prints, so I assumed that's what I would find here. It also caused a bit of my reluctance to check it out as well. But I was pleasantly surprised that these prints looked absolutely nothing like what I imagined. They were awesome! I loved the colors!

          Somi Decor is the brainchild of Ewea Pettis, who was born in Nigeria, West Africa. She has the kindest spirit of anyone I've ever met! Please go check her gallery out at 7 N. Main St in downtown Memphis. You will not be disappointed! Also, the prices are very very reasonable! Act fast because the pop up shop is over on June 30! You can also visit the Somi Decor at and on Facebook at Somi Decor. 

Life is for Living,

Michael B.