"Officer Acquitted" The words we hear far to often

            I recently wrote an article about losing our humanity. While I will never make any excuses for the actions of a person, I do understand how some factors can force a person to make decisions they might not normally make. Things like socioeconomic status, systematic oppression, and a lack of education can cause people to react without thinking about consequences. Personal accountability is paramount, but even a dog locked in a corner is bound to attack out of desperation. But what about those that are trained for these situations? Individuals that receive extensive training on conflict resolution and peace keeping tactics. Should they be held to a higher standard based on this training? I would love to say yes, but that doesn’t seem to be whats going on in this country. Those with the great responsibility of protecting and serving, don’t seem to be held accountable for their actions even with this extensive education. 

            I will never lump all police officers into the bad category. I have a very close cousin that happens to be a police officer that I love like a brother. A teacher I had in high school, who I held in high regard and helped guide me, was also a police officer. There are plenty of great examples of amazing police officers that actually do great things in the communities that they serve. The reality is that we are always judged as a whole by the “bad apples”. 

          I’ve heard the argument that there’s far more black on black and white on white killings than officer killings. While this is very true, there’s an alarming contrast between the two. That difference is officers usually get acquitted in their killings. Why is this? All you have to do is look at the news and see the trend. It’s sickening honestly. The citizens of this country are held personally responsible for their actions, yet a group of highly trained individuals are not. It's just very ironic that we live in a world where a trained officer can be excused for overreacting or being afraid, while regular civilians must remain calm even with a gun in their face. 

           Now none of this is new in any way. It’s just publicized more because we live in an information age. We are all connected by the internet and have instant access to everything. My question is how do we hold those accountable for their actions in a highly rigged game? I would never encourage violence. I believe it only brings forth more violence. I believe this is where we have to exercise our voting rights on the city and state levels and evoke change. This is only my suggestion and I in no way have all the answers. What can we do to make sure another American citizen’s unjustifiable death, by the hands of a police officer, isn’t in vain? 

Life is for Living,

Michael B.