I love exploring. The thrill of finding a hidden gem coupled with the fear of finding a pack of crazed dogs or zombies is exhilarating. I've never ran into a zombie, but I've run across some very interesting people just hanging out in random abandoned places. 

          Which brings me to my latest adventure. I was on a photoshoot when I decided to do a little exploring to find some unique shots. What I found was a bando. Unfamiliar with the lingo? Well, its an abandoned building basically. These are hit or miss because sometimes homeless people occupy these spaces and sometimes don't take kindly to people intruding on their turf.  

 photo cred: @zaahirarihel

photo cred: @zaahirarihel

        This home was located under a bridge and covered in all sides by trees and shrubs. Of course I can't give the actual location out. Seeing how there was no front door, anything could have been inside. Luckily it was daylight out or I might not have gone in. 

 photo credit: @zaairarihel

photo credit: @zaairarihel


        Everything was pretty quiet inside. There was an overturned recliner and empty cigarettes packs everywhere. Ironically there was a city notice that anyone that enters must sign in. The last signature was in 2012. Someone or multiple people had been living there. I confirmed that as I went I to the only bedroom in the home. 


          After a while we started hearing noises. No I didn't go alone. You never know when you might need backup in a bare knuckle street fight. I grew up in South Memphis, so I know not to adventure alone. I definitely want to go back and do a shoot there. It would also be a dope spot for a rap video. I'm just saying. What adventures have you been on? Any hidden spots you want to share? 


Technical info: Β 

Camera: Sony a7M2 Β 

Lens: Sony FE 28mm F2

 Photo credit: @zaahirarihel

Photo credit: @zaahirarihel

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