There's Nothing To Do In Memphis?

          I'm always baffled when I hear someone say there's nothing to do in Memphis. Honestly, I get slightly offended because those thoughts are what keeps the negative cloud hanging low over Memphis. I find people who proclaim there's nothing to do are usually people that really don't want to do anything to begin with but just want to complain. 

Patriot Pop at Levitt Shell

Patriot Pop at Levitt Shell

        Just last night (6/29/17), there were fireworks at Levitt Shell, rapper Yo Gotti had a sold out birthday bash at FedEx Forum and the Redbirds were playing at home. Just the other day I went to Nerd Nite at Rec Room, and swung by The Den for some music and ended at Earnestine & Hazels for a soul burger while Carmen Hicks performed at Onix in Midtown and The Brass Door hosted British Bingo. 

      All this took place in the span of 2 days and was not even the tip of the iceberg for Memphis events. So I have to ask those who believe there's nothing to do in Memphis; what exactly are you wanting to do? There's Loflin Yard, Railgarten, Rec Room, Five in One Social Club, Hi Tone, dope breweries with taprooms, plenty of museums, Beale Street, Raifords, Curtis Givens' In Love, Grizzlies, Redbirds, an infinite amount of bars, City Tasting Tours, amazing restaurants, and the list goes on and on and on.  

      I find at least 2-3 things to do each day. Do I enjoy them all? Heck no, but I go for the experience of trying something new. Maybe you don't know where to find these events. I honestly don't have a huge list of events, so I get my things through word of mouth or the internet. I scour ILoveMemphis blog, Choose901, Memphis Flyer, Faceboom Events and Eventbrite every day to find something to do. I'm sure you'll be amazed by all the things that are offered. 

        So the next time you say there's nothing to do in Memphis, ask yourself if you really want to do anything in Memphis. The first step in fixing a problem is identifying that you have a problem. Get out and try something new! You don't need loads of money either. My good friend Jamal Whitlow just put on a totally free music festival at Handy Park. There are also free movies at Beale Street Landing. So get out an enjoy this city! It has so much to offer everyone. 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B