Recently, I got to link up with over 100 photographers, 20+ models, hoopers and other creatives for the GrindCityMeet. It's always amazing being around other photographers and learning new skills while having access to multiple models. I really felt like I upped my photography game as well. I got to experiment with different angles and between different wide and normal lenses. 

Check out the photos I took from the meet.  

           As you can see, it was a dope event and I can't wait until the next one. To see more pics from the meetup, go over to IG and search #grindcitymeet2017. Trust me, you will not be disappointed at all! Lots of dope individuals in this city! 

            A special shout out to #WeOWNtheNight_Tn, Live A Great Story, Co-Motion, City Tasting Tours, Bravestraps, And @webraw for organizing and sponsoring everything. Much love and respect to @johnnymeant for lighting the photography fire in Memphis!! 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.