The MLGW Fiasco

           I've been waiting to write anything about the MLGW hoax that ran rampant over the last weekend. I wanted to to give MLGW time to respond to it all. Well, more than just a tweet that is.

           I must admit the whole situation was bad. More than bad. It was terrible. The whole fiasco brought a spotlight to the fact that many Memphians are living in poverty and are willing to stand in line for a little bit of relief.

           In case you've been living under a rock, there was a rumor going around that ex-Grizzlies player Zach Randolph (sad face) donated 1 million dollars to MLGW to pay off customers bills. All you had to do was pay 10% of the payment at a third party kiosk. Seems like a good deal seeing how ZBo donated 20k annually to help customers. 

          Paying only at a kiosk would set off my Spidey senses, but I do understand why some might jump on this opportunity. I mean it's free money and one less bill. Apparently some people actually did see their balances go to zero. All it takes is one person to verify and news spread like wildfire. MLGW released a tweet saying it was not true and there was a glitch in the system.

             It's an unfortunate situation for those who thought they were getting some relief. Lots of Memphians are just trying to make ends meet and saw a chance to get their heads above water. For that, I sympathize with them. I hate for anyone to be in that type of situation. I can sit and judge those in line for not fact checking and being dependent on others to pay their bills, but that would be very rude. I'm sure some people where there just for a handout, but there were lots of people in those lines that really needed the help. 

           MLGW does have a relief fund for those with a need for help. Hopefully, MLGW has enough in that fund to help the estimated 23,000 that visited these kiosks. The question now is do you feel MLGW should honor the zero balances by the third party kiosks or is this something that's the responsibility of the kiosk owner?

           Also, whomever started this hoax is the biggest social influencer the city has to offer! Hire this person!!