Don Lifted, High ISO & Mood

          I was recently invited out to a performance of Memphis artist Don Lifted for his upcoming Alero album. I really just wanted to enjoy some good music but something told me to bring my camera along, as Don Lifted is also a visual artist.

           I decided to only go with one lens, because changing lenses at a musical performance is a sure way to miss your shot. I decided to go with my trusty Sony FE 28mm f2. I love this little prime lens and I very rarely use zoom lenses.   

           When I arrived at the Dizzy Bird Music Hall, located at 656 Marshall Ave, I found the place completely black with a spot light on the artist. Even at f2, I was having issues with the lights. Then I decided I wanted to shoot this completely different. I wanted to create a moody them as well as have high ISO for a grunge look. I cranked the ISO of my Sony a7ii up to 8000 and let the lens to the rest. 


          I think they turned out great! I added some pop to the colors and some fade to complete the moody look and they create a totally different vibe of the performance. I think these images really captured Don Lifted's visual art.  

           So what do you think? Are you feeling the high ISO, moody look?  

            Here's a little snippet of Don Lifted performing that I captured with my iPhone. Nothing how dark it was!!  

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.