I got a parking ticket

          Yep, I got a parking ticket. I haven't gotten a ticket in like forever. I'm not tripping because I got a ticket. If I parked illegally, then I will pay my fine and keep it moving. I'm not above the law. What I'm more upset about is the time I got the ticket. 845 ON A SATURDAY NIGHT!!! 

          Yes! You read that correctly! The parking meters were free on weekends the last time I parked downtown and now that's been snatched away. Want to know the new hours for parking meters? Monday through Saturday 6am-10pm!  10pm! No bueno Memphis. Also it's now $1.50 an hour with a 2 hour limit weekdays and 4 hours on the weekend. It was normally $1.25 an hour. Let's be real here, sometimes that ain't enough time. Try going to the Orpheum followed by a dinner on Main, thats way over the 4 hour limit. This ain't gonna work Memphis!  

           Finding a parking spot is already horrible downtown and now this? I will pay my ticket, but I ain't happy about it at all. I don't know what prompted this change or if it was even announced. It probably was announced but I more than likely missed the news report. Can a brother get some media access?  I think I will just Uber downtown from now on. At least I won't have to worry about coming back to my car with a ticket or a broken window.  

Life is for Living,

Michael B.