4:44 Part 1

          I've listened to the newly dropped Jay Z album 4:44 about 5 times so I'm basically an expert on the content of the album. I feel there are lots of gems that Jay Z have us that should be expounded upon. Here's part 1 of my thoughts.

     Before I go any further, I have to make a quick point. There's nothing on this album that we didn't already know or haven't heard before. Jay Z just happens to be on a different level and has a huge platform to reach millions.

           I believe the most powerful track on the album is The Story of OJ. Just wow! Upon first listen, I thought the message was simply that no matter what economic status level you achieve in life, that some will still see you as just another N word. After listen #4, I realized it's more of a call to action against the growing division in the Black community.

             It's no secret that Black community can be pretty difficult to navigate at times. There are so many subcultures with so many agendas. I do believe ultimately we all want the same results, but with varying ways of achieving those results. That in itself is fine, but when you verbally or even physically assault others that don't agree wholeheartedly with your own agenda, that's when things go left quickly. I have been called not black enough because I didn't agree with one agenda and in the same breath called a leader that should help unite people. You just never know what you're gonna get as a free thinker. 

            I took the lyrics of The Story of OJ as a call for all Blacks to come together.  We have way too much division and can't make real progress this way. We have to stand together and trust in each other to keep our ultimate goals of inclusion and equality paramount. We don't have to agree on how to skin the cat. We just need the cat skinned. I don't know why anyone would skin a cat, but you get the reference.

      Any thoughts on The Story of OJ? Drop me a comment. Let's discuss it. Part 2 coming soon. 


Life is for Living,

Michael B.