Happy Birthday Petey!!

        Well today is a very special day. It's the day my first kid, Petey Geronimo, was born! If you're unfamiliar, Petey is my 10 lbs rat terrier that I have a love hate relationship with. He's very moody and is a cuddle monster, which I hate, but he's one of the best dogs I've ever had. He's a bit more human than dog, but I'm sure every pet owners says that. 

          I remember when I first got him. I saw an ad in the Tennessean about puppies for sale. Yes, I I've in Nashville for a little while. I bought him from a farm in Mt. Juliet TN and he's been with me ever since. I remember when he was a little thing I could fit in the palm of my hand. Now he's my freeloading best friend that sleeps all day and eats all night. Oh and he refuses to sleep without a pillow and cover. He might be a bit spoiled. 

           So please help me wish the old man a happy 11th birthday. That's 77 in dog years! Also, what's a birthday without a dope photoshoot?

Life is for Living,

Michael B.