So I'm the biggest Game of Thrones fan there is and this second to last season is really heating up! They are dropping all kinds of dimes on us. Last night's episode was full of moments that made the realest fans lose their freaking minds! 

1. Jon Snow and Drogon became buds when Drogon senses the Targaryan in Jon! More on that Targaryen blood later. 

2. Bron won't let Jamie die without being paid. That's a good ally to have for Jamie. He's gonna need him because Cersei is always 3 steps ahead of Jamie. 

3. Cersei pregnant again!!!?? Whaaaa!!! She so bold with power now that she said she don't care if anyone knows that her brother is the father. But is he the father?? 

4. Gentry and Jon Snow become BFFs!! Yes Ned Stark's bastard and Robert Baratheon's bastards are cool! Some real ish about to go down!!

5. Oh Gilly!! Sam all in his feels but Gillu just unlocked once of the biggest conspiracy theories on the show! Apparently Rheagar Targaryen annulled his marriage to his first wife and had a secret wedding with an unknown woman. We all know what was Lyanna Stark!! Those are Jon Snow's parents, which means he's the rightful heir to the Iron Throne and not Daenerys!! She won't take that too well. 

6. Little Finger is way smarter than anyone gives him credit for. He's setting up the Stark sisters to fight one another. A House divided can't prosper.  

7. Jorah Mormont just can't stay out the friend zone. He's been around for a few suitors, nearly died in battle, beat the deadly stone disease by getting his skin ripped off, but Dany still doesn't want him. He's the ultimate sucker. Just stop man! Nothing you do will ever work! She's just not that into you!

8. Tormund still got a thing for Brianne! She need to stop tripping and get with that Wildling guy. They would spare for fun together. 

9. Dany has a weird obsession with people bending the knee. It's gotten so old now. Like dang we get it. You're a queen. One thing for sure, she has no issue using her dragons anymore. Roasted Tully anyone?

10. Game of Thrones just unleashed it's own version of the Suicide Squad! You got Jon Snow, Tormund, Gentry, the Hound, Jorah,  Thoros, and Beric!! It's about to go down!! They all went north of the Wall to steal a White Walker. 


Can't wait to see episode 6!! Each episode this season has been awesome!!  

What are some things you caught in last night's episode? Don't be shy. Drop a comment.