Oh how I love hip hop music!! Its the music of a culture and a movement. Recently the music has been lyrically washed out. Catchy hooks and head bobbing beats have shadowed what was once a great expression for people that represented a forgotten part of American cities. Southern rap has always been the red headed stepchild of the music industry until the rise of bling bling and trap music. Recently, Hip hop has given way to glorifying the street life as a viable option to escape the trap. That option virtually always leads to incarceration.....

           Enter Hippy Soul's Worthy Negrow. A trip back to when "The South got something to say" a la Andre 3000. I won't crown Hippy Soul as the next Outkast, but they definitely have something to say and it definitely should be heard. From the bass heavy hook on "My Dojo" and "Real Ninjas" all the way to the chill out riding music of "Midtown" and "Tom Lee" (Shout out to those Memphis references). They even crammed in something for the ladies on the track "Kelly Rowland", which is ode to those brown skinned queens. 

            I certainly enjoyed this album. It's definitely Memphis, but not in a bad way. Memphis rap has been typecast as only crunk music without being lyrically amazing. In my opinion, Memphis rap has far more substance than it gets credit for. The lyrics are grade A on most tracks and occasionally confusing on some, but the listening experience is far from boring. It's actually pretty fun. The flow on Kelly Rowland and My Dojo are bananas!  It's the new Memphis. Less trap and crunk and more of an emphasis on lyrics and quality production. Also, Bored Lord is an amazing producer! 

          Is Worthy Negrow a classic? No, but this definitely puts Hippy Soul firmly on the Memphis musical map as a duo that demands your full attention. Don't sleep on these guys at all. They are on the right track. No pun intended. This album you should definitely give a play at the house and in the car on full blast. 

             You can find the Worthy Negrow album HERE. Also check out Hippy Soul on all social media networks.  


Life is for Living,

Michael B.