Yes you read that title! Tag Your Photographer! Not only is it a sign of respect, but it's also a way to help that photographer get more clients. In a field that's totally saturated, photographers depend heavily on word of mouth. It's not asking the the world of you to include a quick photo credit shoutout. It literally takes a few seconds and it's mutually beneficial.

        Also, don't edit a photographer's work. I'm looking squarely at you Instagram and Snapchat filter users! If it's not to your taste, simply ask the photographer to change it. Once it's altered, it's no longer that photographer's work or vision rather. You wouldn't put a filter over the Mona Lisa would you? I'm sure someone would lol.

       Lastly, whatever you do, DO NOT CROP PHOTOS OR ALTER WATERMARKS/LOGOS!! That's a huge no no! It's also illegal! That photo is copyrighted and you're violating that copywrite. You're basically stealing someone else's work and posing it as your own. We learned in school that is plagiarism.

            Just be cool and give your photographer a quick shout out. It's a lot easier than receiving a cease and desist. Trust me, no one wants to get of one of those. There's a lot that goes into a photo. You not only have to get the settings right while taking it, but post processing is time consuming and tedious. Well, some photographers just snap and slap a filter on it, but more on that another day. I edit each and every one of my photos and it takes time. All we ask in return is for a little shoutout and acknowledgment. So be cool and tag your photographer or anyone that took a pic that you're posting that you didn't take yourself.


Life is for Living,

Michael B.