Ok let me catch my breath for a second. Did y'all see last night’s episode of Game of Thrones? Much love and respect to the real fans that weren’t phased at all about the leaked episode. Yall the real MVP’s. Everybody else who watched early, y'all ok I guess, but I got my eye on you like Dany got her eye on Tyrion. See what I did just there? I don’t trust him at all!!

Warning!! Spoilers ahead. This is your chance to turn back!! 

          Let’s start with the most insane part about last night's episode. There’s a freaking Wight dragon!! First and foremost, RIP to Viserion. I hate you had to go out like that to the Night King, who would kill at the javelin throw in the Olympics. The Night King should be the next pick in the NFL draft. That arm strength and accuracy! He looked like Joe Montana out there. I hear the Cleveland Browns need a QB. Ok that moment is over. They got a wight dragon!! This is the definition of leveling up! They had bears, but now they bossed up and got a dragon. Will it still breathe fire or ice though? 

          Next up, we have Jon Snow and Dany getting all googly eyes on each other. I keep yelling at the TV that she’s your aunt bro, but he never listens to me. Jon was putting the mack daddy lines on her in the boat though. Was he asking her to be his Queen or saying that she was his Queen? One sounds like a marriage proposal of sorts. She seems to be feeling him too. When Tyrion mentions that Jon is in love with her, I caught that little smirk! It's Westeros, so relatives getting down is sort of normal right now. Either way, Jon seems down to go half on a baby with Dany. Dragon babies possibly??

          Shout out to Tormond for not only proclaiming his love for Brienne, but also not getting killed by the wights! He gonna get that. Wait and see! Only thing is the Hound probably wants to kill her still and we know Jamie got a little thing for her as well. That awkward moment when you walk in the party with your new boo and you see your old boo. Who would have thought that Brienne would have so many suitors!

           The Sansa-Arya beef has reached a head. Somebody gotta go! My money is that Arya thinks she 5 steps ahead and tries to outsmart Sansa, but fails. Arya basically declared war when she told Sansa she could impersonate her and no one would even know it. I always thought Sansa wasn’t very bright, but she learned from the best in Cersei while in King’s Landing. Don't underestimate her. Also, Little Finger is finessing the hell out of both of them. We all know he sent Sansa that letter asking her to come to King's Landing and knew she would send Breinne instead! Can we just kill him alreasy? Hopefully Arya and Sansa figure out he's playing them against each other soon. 

          Uncle Benjen came through and saved the day yet again. When he should up, I jumped off my couch! This time it actually cost him his life or half life. I’m not sure which it is because he’s half alive and half dead. Why couldn't he go with Jon? There was room in the horse. Anyways, pour one out for the homie Uncle Benjen Stark. 



  Quick Notes                          



1. Dany has the best stylist in Westoros hands down. That winter set though!

2. Tyrion has lost his influence over Dany. 

3. The priest died so what does that mean for Beric Dondarrion? Also, he’s flame sword is super cool.

4. I really need Jon to stop risking his life. It really messes up my nerves.

5. Not only the Gentry run faster than any human in the history, but he also found the fastest ravens of all time as well. He’s the real MVP.

6. Now the White Walkers can fly over the dang Wall! 

7. Why won’t Bran stop any of this? He literally is the most powerful being on the show and uses zero power to help anyone. He’s selfish.


What were some things you saw that I missed? Drop a comment! Who's excited about the season finale next week?  


Life is for Living, 

Michael B.