I recently heard that men aren't supposed to brunch together because it makes them look suspect. Oh how I love the homophobic Facebook crowd. They truly are the most misguided group of people. Why can't men brunch? Why can't I brunch with my other guy friends either? What if I brunched with my brother, uncle, cousin, father? Do those fall under the "suspect" rule as well? There are just so many inconsistencies in that theory. Lol. 

         Well I brunch and I love it! What's not to love? I get to combine food, drinks, bar hopping, patio chilling, more drinks, and my friends. What's not to love about that? 

Polenta and Shrimp from Aldo's Pizza

Polenta and Shrimp from Aldo's Pizza

       I wonder where the idea that men doing things together somehow implies that they are gay even came from. Men have gone to sporting events, parties and bars together forever and now it seems all this must stop because some feel that having friends means you're secretly hiding homesexual tendencies. Could it not simply be that I love food, drinks and hanging with my friends? 

Brunch and work  

Brunch and work  


        My typical Sunday Funday consists of meeting up at a local bar, Blind Bear for you Memphians, and bar hopping around Downtown Memphis. It starts small but we usually run into other people we know and the group expands from there. We eat, drink, people watch, talk shit to each other, share life stories, and eventually make our ways back to our individual homes. Always responsibly though!


        And that's it. Another successful Sunday Funday. There was no suspect activities LOL. No one turned gay or fell in love with one another LOL. Just fellas hanging out like any other day. So go brunch fellas. You'll enjoy hanging with the fellas, the food and definitely the drinks. Be secure within yourself and don't let Facebook or any other homophobic person define you or what you can and can't do. Live the life you want. Don't live I the fear of what others may say because they are gonna talk regardless of how safe you think you're living. 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.