The Highland Strip has recently received a substantial facelift and is now a great spot to hang out if you're looking for an alternative to dreadful parking situation Downtown or the crowds of Overton Square. The Strip looks awesome at night with all the neon signs.....cough cough hello photogs. 


            One of the best places on the Highland Strip happens to be one of the oldest. Newbys has been around for about 40 years. That's a long time. Any establishment that's been around that long must be good at something, right? They are good at a few things, but Thirsty Thursday is my favorite. Who doesn't like drinks? What about drinks while listening to music from a live DJ, pool, a crazy good patio and Ms Pacman..... Yes I was sold at Ms Pacman too. That's bae. 


        So where will you be on Thursday?  Go check out Newby's. They have Happy Hour from 3 to 10pm! Take that places with Happy Hour ending at 7! My happiness shouldn't be limited!

          Check out Newby's Facebook and IG pages for other daily specials and events. Newby's is located at 539 S Highland St, right near the U of M campus.

             Also check out my guy Ryan Haskett @ryanthemind_on Thursdays as well. He's controlling the 1s and 2s and jookin. Unsure about jookin? Click HERE for an explanation. Trust me, he's a great DJ! I might have to challenge him to a dance off the next time I see him though! LOL

Life is for Living,

Michael B.