A Few Thoughts and Tips about this Football Season

Well it's that time of year again! Football season! When the NBA is over and there's nothing on TV but baseball or soccer, life can be really depressing. Thank God for the fall! Yes football is back! I've created a little list to help out those that might need a little guidance during this season. Lets jump straight into it!

Sunday Funday is over

Yep, no more Sunday brunching. Sunday is reserved for football now. The mimosas on patios will have to wait until after the first set of games and before the night games. Monday and Thursdays are off limits as well. Why? Because football. Not only is Sunday a day for the gridiron, but we have a game on Mondays and Thursday! 3 days of football bliss! If you’re a real football fan, you also have Saturday for college football!

Bandwagon fans run rampant

Each year there are people who swap teams based on popularity or certain players. Historically, it’s been women but now the fellas are getting in on the action. Any real sports fan knows that you don’t switch teams under any circumstance. Normally after a Super Bowl, that team acquires new fans. Seems everyone’s a Patriots or 49ers fan now. Don’t remember any of those teams being mentioned a decade ago…..

NFL Protestors

This year there will be lots of protesters of the NFL due to Colin Kapernick not being signed by a team. Many feel it’s due to him taking a knee during the national anthem last year. Others feel he just isn’t a good player anymore. Regardless, there will be many that protest this year. They might ask you to join in as well. There are quite of few actively signed player at kneel or sit for the anthem, so you have to make your own decision on this one.

Never bet against Tom Brady

This is a given for anyone that knows anything about football. There are few things that are constant in this universe, but Tom Brady is a mainstay in the playoffs. Yes, the Patriots will lose a game or two in the regular season, but no one is better in the playoffs than #12. Everything about this guy isn’t fair. He’s probably the best QB ever, he has fashion model looks and he’s married to Giselle. We all hate Tom Brady, but we all secretly want his life. 

Evade Cowboys fans like the plague!

This should really be rule #1 for anyone on Earth. I grew up around a family full of Cowboys fans and they all think exactly alike. They swear this is the year that Dallas goes back to the Super Bowl. They haven’t been since 1996, but each year is the year for them. Trying to talk football with a Cowboys fan about how the team has been mediocre at best since the last Super Bowl will result in them wanting to physically harm you. They will overwhelm you with sheer numbers, but just walk the other way if you see a Cowboys fan. It will save you your sanity and from having to cold cock a 50 year old man in a Dez Bryant jersey. 

    These are a few quick tips to get you started this season. What other tips do you have? Drop a comment and let me know! Whats your team?