Wow! The Apple Event was yesterday and I was super excited about it! I'm not an Apple head like lots of people are, but I do own a few iOS and Mac products. I love the simplicity and beauty of Apple. Not to mention, they also make some of the best performing devices you can buy. Software optimization is paramount!! That's something Android still hasn't gotten right. 

        Moving on. So I was already pretty much set on what the iPhone X would look like based on leaks I've seen. I already knew the price(more on that later).  What I really wanted to see what the specs. And boy were they impressive! It's basically an iPad Pro sandwiched into a smaller package with better technology. I totally had a nerdgasm. 

          My issue with the iPhone X is not just the pricing, but the storage allotment for the pricing. For $1000, you only get 64GB. What the hell? You have to move up to the only other option of 256GB to get any real memory. 1 min of 4K video is about 350-400MB. You can squeeze about 4 hours on a 64GB drive. But the OS takes up a bit of space as well, so you're not really getting 64GB. 

       Apple really messed up on this one. This device should have started at 128GB minimum. Your only other option is forking out $1149 for the 265GB version. That's the price of a MacBook Pro. I really wanted to get the iPhone X, but I can't justify the pricing to storage options. I will just keep my iPhone 7( because the iPhone 8 was blah), and buy a $329 new iPad if I need a bigger screen. Plus I enjoy having a home button.

Life is for Living, 

Michael B