hey that’s me!!  

hey that’s me!!  

Hi readers!! It’s Mike! Yeah I know I’ve been writing less often as I normally did in the past and for that I apologize. I still love writing but I have so many other projects that I’m working on. I really need an assistant and some staff for all this stuff. I’ve been doing lots of photography, recording a podcast and recently I’ve gotten into filmmaking. All this on top of having a regular full time job and a 9 year old that demands my undivided attention. 

None of those are excuses in any way. Writing is my passion and I promise to write more. Possibly more initiate pieces like this or thoughts of the day. Who knows what random shenanigans I will write about. 

Well that’s all I got. Just wanted you guys to know I am still here and I am thinking of you all. I promise to write more! 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.