We don't get much snow in Memphis, but when there's snow in the forecast people tend to go nuts. We typically get sleet and ice more so than snow, but it's still a pretty big deal here. Of course, it's nothing compared to what our Northern friends experience, but don't tell us it's nothing. It's something to us! Everyone's still spooked from the big Ice Storm of 1994. I remember being without power at our home for a couple weeks. People in Memphis don't typically forget major events like this, so you can see why people tend to freak out. By freak out I mean buying all the milk and bread in sight. Why just milk and bread? I have absolutely no clue, but it's kind of the thing to do. I try not to panic, but I have a little list on how I survive being snowed in.  These things may or may not work for you. 


Yep, this is definitely #1 on the list for a reason. You're snowed in so why not turn back a bottle or two? It's important to get a variety pack of spirits. I tend to grab a cheap bottle of vodka, a pint of whiskey, a 6 pack of local brew, and a bottle of champagne. That way you cover all bases in case you have a brave snow buddy come over. 

Pro tip: Put the alcohol outside to keep it cold if your power goes out. 


Ok, the stores will be packed. You definitely should have planned ahead, but if you're like me then you don't really buy groceries and wait to the last minute. So you want to load up on things that won't be completely sold out. Think strictly survival foods. Get a few steaks, raid the canned goods, get lots and lots of snacks and the most essential item of all time; Panchos cheese dip. Pancake mix is pretty clutch too. Also look for food that can survive a power outage. 

Pro Tip: Uber Eats is your very best friend. Expect linger wait times and please tip your driver. 

Netflix account 

This should be a given as well. You have to be entertained in some way. I'm a cord cutter so I don't have cable, but I believe Netflix is God. Now's a great time to binge watch a few series. I suggest Black Mirrors, Big Mouth and Stranger Things. Netflix requires an internet connection. If yours is out, this is a great time to make a friend with a neighbor. Drop them a couple bucks for the Wifi password bro!


Let's say the power goes out and you're stuck with no Netflix. What are you gonna do? Well, before the internet we had these things called crossword puzzles and coloring books. We also had games like Pictionary, Battleship and Twister. Games that didn't require power and provided endless hours of entertainment. If you have friends over to ride out the weather, get Uno and a playing cards. 

Take a Walk  

After a day in the house, I tend to get cabin fever. So taking a nice walk goes a long way towards curing my boredom. I get my dog, grab my camera and head out. Walking gives me a chance to slow my life down, reflect and just think. So go on a little adventure. Walk to the closet store as well. Make sure you bundle up and take a flask with something inside to warm you up along the way!  I took these shots while on a walk with Petey. 

What do you while snowed in? Tell me all about it. Comment, like and share! 

Life is for Living,

Michael B.