Whole Foods on Poplar

Whole Foods on Poplar

I've never really gone to a Whole Foods store before, but a coworker convinced me that it's a great place to grab lunch. I've always assumed it was way more expensive than I could afford, but peer pressure is insane and I folded. I also took this opportunity to shoot more with my iPhone 8 Plus. My motto has always been the best camera is the camera the that's with you. I also wanted to test out the RAW capabilities of the iPhone. 


I will say that Whole Foods is by far the cleanest grocery store I've ever been inside. It was so clean that I swore I could eat off the floor. Seriously, it's that clean in there. I also knew instantly I couldn't afford to shop at this place either. I walked in to see Mandarin oranges for $3.99 a pound. Yeah, I ain't no baller like that. 


Whole Foods literally has everything. Oven fire pizza, an Asian bistro, taqueria, a bomb ass bakery, a buffet and they even sell gelato! We went for the buffet because the lines at the other eateries were kinda long. People are willingly paying these high prices it seems. 


I piled my plate with smoked chicken, baked whitefish, Mac and cheese, herb roasted potatoes, collard greens and peach cobbler. I know, I know. Thats the craziest lunch ever. I just couldn't decide what I wanted, but I know it wasn't about to include tofu. This plate was decent. Not great but not bad either. I was pleasantly surprised that the greens were actually pretty good. Not everyone knows how to make greens. The biggest let down was the peach cobbler. I was expecting something with more sugar. It wasn't awful but not what I'm used to. I paired my lunch with a bottle of Vitamin Water. 


If you're like me, you're probably wondering how much did lunch cost? It was a total of $11.50. Definitely not the most expensive lunch I've ever had. I normally average from $10-15. Would I go back? Probably so because I really want that gelato and I want to try their sushi. 

I also think the iPhone 8 Plus held it's on as far as pics go. As long as you shoot in RAW and know how to edit, it's a great little camera. It just won't take the place of my Sony a7ii anytime soon. 

Do you have a Whole Foods adventure story? What do you think about the photos I captured with my iPhone? Drop me a comment! Share this if you like it! Β 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.