Ok it’s been about 4 days with the iPad Pro and it’s been pretty positive so far. I’ve been pretty productive on it, but I have also run into some issues. I will break down my pros and cons that I’ve experienced with the iPad Pro in 4 days. 

All images taken with my Sony a7ii and edited on the iPad Pro. Images can not be used with written consent.  



 - The first pro is definitely the portability of the device itself. That’s hands down a win-win.  It’s way more convenient than bringing out my MacBook Pro. I love being able to basically use it anywhere. Literally anywhere! Use your imagination here folks.  

-  I freaking love this screen! I can't stress that enough. It's the best display I've ever seen on a mobile device. I also love using it to edit photos because touch based editing just seems easier and more intuitive to me.

- I love the battery life! It literally lasts all day on a charge. No more being tied to a charger. 

- The speakers are also a lot better on the iPad Pro that we are all my MacBook Pro! What’s up with it that Apple?  

- I have also found some amazing apps that work just as good as some of my macOS programs. I’m using Lightroom Mobile for photos, LumaFusion takes the place of Final Cut, and Ferrite for my podcasting needs. They all work extremely well. 



- The first I have to start by saying the Apple Pencil is by far the easiest device to lose of all time. Just think about this. How many pens do you lose in a day? Or a week? Lots right? You just get another right? Well think about how you would feel with a pencil that costs $100! Yeah it really makes your heart stop to lose it. I have lost the Apple Pencil at least for 10 times in four days and have had 10 heart attacks. I wish there was some magnetic connection between the two. The only way to keep the two together is to buy some sort of case, which means more money. 

- Podcasting and editing. Right now, I have to take it from my iPad Pro, export to iCloud, download to my MacBook Pro or iMac, then edit and upload to iTunes and Soundcloud. I could cut out the middleman by eliminating the iPad Pro. I had to bring my MacBook Pro to work with me today to get this task completed. 

- There aren't many options for expandable storage. I have a 2 TB hard drive for my MacBook Pro which basically means that I can save all my RAW and video files. These files tend to be  pretty large and will clog up a device fast! I did purchase the 256 GB iPad Pro version but that space will be used up very quickly with a couple 4K videos and I entire day of shooting photos. So that’s a real bummer. iCloud works, but being able to use an external drive would be awesome. 

- Adapters! My Macbook Pro has all the necessary ports available. I might be spoiled because of this. I am able to use a USB hub via the lightning to USB adapter and I can read my SD card with the SD adapter, but I lose the ability to charge the device at the same time. Also, USB 3.0 is fast but not as fast as my SD card port in my MacBook Pro.  

- I’ve also noticed that I can import RAW photo files easily, but video files aren’t so easy  I record in XAVC S format and it doesn’t play nicely with the iPad. It’s an iOS/Sony beef more than anything. I will have to find a solution or record in a different format. 

 This is the first update. I have a few more days with it. Maybe I will get used to it by then and develop a better workflow. Im leaning towards the MacBook Pro, but I really want this iPad Pro to pull through because I do like it in spite of the limitations I have currently seen. Next update will be on Monday! Stay tuned! 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.