A quick stop in NYC

          I’m spending the week outside of Philadelphia on a company training trip. I usually treat work trips like mini vacations and try to take in as much as possible. This trip was no different. I took the opportunity to head to NYC for the first time. I also got to meet a guy I’ve talked to every day for the past 5 years that I’ve never met. Online friends are real friends y’all. Shout out to my guy Shawn Evan. 

          I learned a couple things about NYC. I learned that driving a car is pretty much a terrible option. I met up with Shawn in Manhattan and I was pissed the entire drive. Why? Well it took about 30 mines to go 1.5 miles and this was normal. That lead me to my next lesson. Parking ain’t cheap. I parked my rental in a garage and it was $60. Yes $60! The last thing I learned is that the people aren’t friendly like back down south. You speak and no one speaks back. 

          We went by the memorial for Sept 11th, saw the Statue of Liberty, ate New York pizza, and so much more. It was a truly wonderful experience and I’m glad I went. Check out the pics from the day. All taken with my Sony a7iii and Ziess 16-35mm f4.