Review - Papa Bear Skins

I'm switching things up a bit over here at I decided I needed a little bit of camera time from time to time. Not sure why anyone would wanna see my mug, but hey that's not the point. 

I'm here to tell you guys about Papa Bear Skins. I've always liked pork rinds and thought they were pretty basic. Well, Papa Bear Skins has changed my mind with their awesome selection of flavors. They have the standard BBQ and Hot and Spicy, but they also have Ranch and Lemon Pepper. Yes, lemon pepper! There are also other flavors as well. 

Here's my 1 min review of Papa Bear Skins! Excuse the focusing issues. Still learning the habits of this new lens. 

You can find where Papa Bear Skins are sold and updates on their Facebook and IG pages

 IG: @papabearskins

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.