I've held in my review of Black Panther long enough. I gave you all ample time to go see the movie and now it's time to talk about this film. I will talk about the pros and cons in addition to my own theories on the upcoming Marvel films. So here’s your final warning before the spoilers happen. 


  1.  First and foremost, one time for the culture. I loved that aspect. Having a superhero that looks like me is amazing. I didn’t think it made a big of a deal until I actually saw the movie. So for the culture is was amazing.  
  2. The action scenes were great. The car chase seen was dope and the battle inside WaKanda was  also visually good. 
  3. Wakanda’s technology is on a whole new level.  
  4. The story is pretty good. (More on that later.) 
  5. The supporting characters steal the show. Killmonger is an amazingly awesome foe to T’Challa. Mbaku was menacing yet fair. Nakia and Shuri were both great. 
  6. The Black America/ African struggle was finally addressed. There’s always been this thing amongst us and for good reason. I’m glad it was a central point of the movie. 


  1. The ending was hella cheesy bro! Like you end with a spaceship in the hood? I also hated the fact the kids at the end wanted to break down the ship and sell the scrape parts. Like damn could you not make us look that bad?
  2. Killmonger’s death. Man, I really didn’t want him to die because the character was played perfectly. He was very relatable and had good intentions. He just wanted to go about it in a bad way.  
  3. T’Challa is a very boring character. Everyone overshadows him and he’s not a very aggressive or brash person. He tends to just be in the scene while not owning it. Every other character is more momorable. Hell his mother, played by Angela Bassett, was more memorable. 
  4. The story is just ok. It seems to be worse if Killmonger is in fact dead. I also felt Klaue died a little too soon. 
  5. The CGI wasn't as good as other Marvel movies. I get the budget was probably smaller, but it wasn’t up to the level of recent Marvel flicks.  
  6. Some of the fans are a bit extra. I totally get dressing up for the movie. I dressed up for Star Wars so I get it. Calling whites colonizers or making ape sounds when they speak is a bit much. I think this movie had a clear agenda and it will cause some to take it a bit too far. 


Predictions/Upcoming Theories

  1.  Killmonger lives. I think T’Challa takes him back inside and brings him back hoping for a change in Killmonger.  
  2. Klaue is possibly still alive and Killmonger basically just snuck is body inside Wakanda
  3. Bucky will become the White Wolf. It seems Shuri has cured Bucky and cured his Winter Soldier issues. I also think this spells the end for Steve Rogers as Captain America. Bucky eventually become Captain America in the comics. 
  4. Wakanda definitely is sitting on top of the Soul Stone and Thanos knows it. He coming for that Infinity Stone first. He will also have access to vibranium. We are kinda tipped off to this in the trailers. 
  5. I don’t think we will see Storm any time soon. I really like Nakia, but I know she will eventually turn on Black Panther. I think to see Storm there will need to be another lead up X-Men movie. Maybe Black Panther just makes a cameo in that film. 
  6. I'm going to go out on a limb here and pricy who I believe dies in the first Infinity Wars film. I believe Drax definitely dies and probably first. I believe Hawkeye finally did as well. I have a feeling Vision dies and his Infinity Stone is taken. I also believe Steve Rogers hands over the Captain America title to Bucky. For shock value, I think Loki dies as well. 


Those are my thoughts and theories. How did you like the Black Panther movie. Send me a comment and let me know! 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.