Beyoncé and Jay-Z recently announced a new tour. I can’t say that I’m the biggest Beyoncé fan, but I do respect her work ethic and hustle. She’s basically a god walking amongst mere mortals to some of her fans known as the BeyHive. Her concerts are sure to sell out every venue. 

           Now fellas, the real issue at hand is this is the time when women you’re dating (or not even dating) might hit you up for money for the tickets. Don't get finessed! Not sure what being finessed means? Here's a definition from Urban Dictionary:

“When one person sweet talks or verbally lures another person into a particular situation or action that he or she would not normally be in. A situation that only benefits the finesser”.

  Here’s a scenario to further illustrate my point.  

Him: “Hey how are you today?”

Her: “I’m sad.” (The bait)

Him: “What’s wrong?”

Her: “I only have two days to get Beyoncé tickets and I don’t get paid for 2 weeks.” 

          How you respond to this is very, very important fellas. She wants you to offer her the money so she can buy the tickets, but has no real intention of actually paying you back. Trust me, she will give you the run around long enough so that you either forget about the money or stop asking for it. Don’t be the guy getting suckered out of some money. Unless you like being a sucker.

Your response should be

“Dang that sucks, I hope you figure it out.”


“Yeah, that's when I get paid as well."

          Why? Because you're about to see her true colors based on those responses. If you barely know her and she only hits you up when she's hungry or wants free drinks, you can bet she's going down the list of other guys that she feels she can con. By saying no, you might see a social media status referring to her getting her own money and not needing a man or other petty post similar.   

          Say No! Not in 2018. If she’s never bought you a drink or checked on you, don’t buy her a Beyoncé ticket. Run from this type of woman! I recently posted this on my Facebook page, and I was called a hater by a couple FB friends lol. Why? They all know the game fellas. Using you is part of it. Save those hard earned dollars for someone that actually is concerned about you and wants you. There are lots of great women out there. I was even called the President of the He-Man Woman Haters Club, lol. Well, I will hold that title with pride. 

         I know some women will read this and think I'm totally wrong and that it's a sweet gift. They will say there's nothing wrong with a man giving a woman he likes a gift of a Beyonce ticket. I would have to agree and partially disagree. There's is nothing wrong with it, only if her intentions with him are more than manipulating him for money. I'm all about giving gifts to a good woman. If she is your girlfriend or wife, then you can gift that ticket. Hell, it could be a great couple date. Jay Z for you and Beyonce for her.  Anyone else asking for money for a ticket, tell her she needs better financial manangement skills. Look alive in 2018 fellas. 


Life is is for living, 

Michael B.  

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