I do lots of photo shoots with lots of interesting people, but none have been as super crazy, dope as the shoot I did with David Quarles.  Not only is he a super fashionable brother, he’s also a jewelry maker and Zumba instructor. He’s basically one of the coolest people on earth. When David showed up in his colorful outfit, I was instantly intimidated. Not just because he was dripping in swag sauce(that’s totally a real thing), but because I knew instantly I needed to step up my clothing game fast!

          This was by far one of my favorite shoots. Mr Quarles not only knew what looks he wanted, but also was open to letting me pose him as well. Being completely comfortable in your own skin definitely helps when shooting with a client. Since this shoot, I’ve definitely stepped up my fashion game. A special thanks to David for that one. 


All images were taken with a Sony a7ii with Samyung 35mm f1.4 and edited on iPad Pro with Lightroom Mobile.  


          You can check out more of David Quarles on IG @sancochin89 and also his jewelry line at @ivjd. 


Life is is for Living, 

Michael B.