Chicken Biscuits and Natural Lighting

           Hey! Weird title,huh? Yeah, I was trying to be artistic and mysterious lol. It will all come together soon. Just keep reading. 

           I recently did a photo shoot of David Quarles( LINK ) and he mentioned that 409 South Main had been transformed into a chic new indoor market and I had to try the chicken biscuit from Kinfolks. I shrugged it off initially, but decided to go anyways. I let Maddy tag along and it turned into a complete experience. Let’s start with the chicken biscuit. 


           Ok I have a love and dislike opinion of this sandwich. The fine folks over at Kinfolks call this chicken and biscuit. This doesn't look like any biscuit I've ever seen. My first thought was this is chicken on conrbread. I was partially right. The bread was actually really good. Crunchy up top and semi moist in the middle. Kinda like cornbread.

           Ok, that was the dislike part. Other than that I freaking love it! Yes, it's a very good sandwich. A quick pro tip; you'll need a fork and knife to handle this bad boy. I tried to two hand it and failed miserably. The hot honey and spicy slaw worked well with the chicken. I was very impressed by this creation. Just don't forget to get lots of napkins!

Oh, that natural light part! 409 is natural light heaven! Trust me on this! Your iPhone photos, which is all I used here, will look amazing! Don't believe me? 


It even inspired this video!  

Go check 409 S Main and Kinfolk out! 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B