I had the privilege of attending the Hopdoddy Community Mixer last night and it was awesome! Of all the people I could have heard about Hopdoddy from, Maddy gets the credit for putting me on game. She speaks very highly of Hopdoddy in Houston and joked that Memphis didn't have one. Well, she's wrong because Overton Square's Newest Edition is Hopdoddy! It's located at the corner of Cooper and Madison in the same strip as Lenny's Subs. Parking will be a huge challenge but Overton Square does have the new multi level parking garage. 

            You don't care about all that. You want to know about the food. Well, I will say that what we were provided last night was very good! We sampled the ahi tuna burger, the impossible burger and the breakfast burger. I give my nod towards the breakfast burger and the ahi tuna burger.  The impossible burger is very different. It was my first ever vegan experience and it was interesting. Not bad at all, just different. 

            We also had margaritas (lots and lots of margaritas), whiskey Long Island teas, and boozy shakes. Nothing was watered down and you felt that liquor in every sip! Death to watered down drinks! They also will have a daily Happy Hour from 3-6:30 PM featuring $5 drinks! 

         Should you try out Hopdoddy? I would say yes! Will their burgers take the crown from Roxie's Grocery? Nope, but it's a very good burger and a welcomed addition to Midtown and Overton Square. 

          Hopdoddy officially opens to the public on April 2nd.  

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.