The title pretty much speaks for itself. My dad, or Papa Bear, taught me some great lessons in life. Pretty much everything I know was taught to me by him. He taught me that there are just some things every guy should know. Some are pretty obvious, but some aren’t so much. This isn’t intended to bash the fellas (we get enough of that already). This is more of a refresher course of sorts for your skills. Trust me, I stick to the Guy Code faithfully. We all know how important skills are to guys, so get in, buckle up, and see if you have these important guy abilities.

1. Know how to tie a neck tie or bow tie

         This is an essential skill passed down to me by my father. I spent hours in the mirror trying to master this and failed miserably countless times. I once attended a wedding and none of the groomsmen knew how to tie a necktie. I was utterly amazed. I didn't realize some guys didn't know this basic skill. I ended tying everyone's tie and I was just the photographer! Also, if you’re over the age of 12, you shouldn’t be caught dead with a clip on. Nope, Nope, Nope.  Don’t do it to yourselves, fellas. Trust me, you’re not fooling anyone. We know it’s fake. YouTube has countless tutorials on this, so use it to brush up on your skills.

2. Know how to change a flat tire

Imagine having a lady in the car and the tire goes flat. You don’t know how to change it and you have to wait for a wrecker. Yeah, you've pretty much told her everything she needs to know about you. No matter what she says, she’s definitely telling her friends how terrible of a man you are. Don’t be this guy. Again, YouTube is a valuable resource. 

3.  Know how to match your clothing and shoes

Simple rule fellas: your shirt and socks should match. Wearing a blue shirt? Your socks should have blue in them as well. White shirt? You have an endless possibility of sock colors you can wear. Wear something other than white socks, though. Also, the belt must match the shoes. Brown shoes means brown belt and the same for black. 

4. Be a gentleman

Blame it on my Southern roots, but I still believe in being a gentleman. There are 3 basic rules you should know:

1. Open the door for her.

2. Help her up and down stairs.

3. (The most important) make sure to never let her walk next to the curb.

Trust me, that last one women really, really pay attention to. I see guys all the time letting their ladies walk closest to the street. My dad would call them out, but I don't necessarily want those problems lol. Basically, you’re supposed to get splashed by a truck or hit by a car. 

5. Always flirt with older women

This is a super pro tip! My dad told me this when I was around 12. I thought he was crazy. Why would I want to flirt with older women? Fast forward to my 30’s and I realize my dad gave me some of the best advice ever! Don’t be a creep. Flirting should be subtle. Very subtle! For example, greet an elderly woman as young lady and watch how her eyes light up! This also works perfectly for networking. Many business deals are closed with the wives of businessmen. 

6. Have basic repair knowledge

My dad told me he couldn’t respect a man that didn’t know how to use a wrench. I experienced what he meant by this later in life when I had to teach a guy how to change a flat tire. Having some basic knowledge of the difference between a Phillips and a flathead screwdriver and the difference between a pair of pliers and a wrench is very important. Also, fixing things for your lady will get you a million brownie points. Even if you don’t fix whatever it is, she will love the effort. For some strange reason women love to watch a man work on things. I'm also told they like toolbelts. 

7. Have 3 go-to drinks at the bar

This was something I learned later in life. When you go to the bar, go with confidence. I say to always have 3 go to drinks that you can riddle off to any bartender. My 3? Old Fashioned, Whiskey and Sprite, and Moscow Mule. Don’t be the guy at the bar that needs a menu to order a fruity drink, lol. Also, have 3 drinks in your arsenal that a woman would love. My 3 drinks for women? Red Snapper, Pink Panties, and Riesling/Moscato.

8. Know how to cook a steak

A man that can grill is a real man’s man. Nothing is more fulfilling than grilling for people and everyone sings you praises about your grilling talents. It’s close to the feeling of throwing the game winning touchdown. Now, anyone can throw a steak on the grille and cook it to the God awful well done point. But no one should eat a steak well done. Ever! Medium is where it’s best. Grille a great steak and win the Super Bowl. Simple. Also, if your steak needs anything other than salt, pepper and butter, then it’s a terrible steak. Leave the steak sauce off!

9. Have good personal hygiene

Fellas, learn how to wipe your own ass. Yes, I said it. We can be simply disgusting in the personal hygiene arena, but we can change that. Take daily showers, clean the dirt from under your nails, get pedicures for your rough feet, keep your hair neat, change your socks, wash your bed sheets, and wear deodorant. Stop being slobs fellas. 

10. Know how to unhook a bra with one hand

This is another PRO TIP. My dad didn’t teach me this one, but an older woman did. (Remember what I said about flirting with older women, right?) This move will get you where you want to go fast. It’s a simple move that takes practice and patience. It’s a slight pull, squeeze, and presto! Can’t pull it off? At least be able to take one off with 2 hands and not stumble and mess up. Nothing kills the vibe like a fella that can’t unhook a bra.

          That's all! 10 great skills every guy should have. How did you do? Do you have any other things all guys should know? Drop a comment! Don't forget to subscribe for updates!  


Life is for Living, 

Michael B.