There are two major reasons why I could never go vegan or vegetarian; my everlasting love for bacon and steak. I can’t help it. I like what I like, so don’t try to convert me. Many have tried and none have succeeded. 

             Anyways, I absolutely love a medium steak. It’s one of the best things on Earth. Well, I would probably take a Bugatti over a steak, but that’s not the point. I was invited out to the soft opening of Memphis’ newest steakhouse, 117 Prime. Its located at 117 Union Ave in the old Belle Dîner space. Spearheaded by the ownership group behind Sweetgrass and Sunrise Memphis, downtown Memphis is about to get a fancy new steakhouse. No, fancy doesn’t mean overpriced. It’s actually priced pretty well considering it’s downtown dining. 


          I loved the interior of 117 Prime. The was plenty room between the tables. I’m always concerned about that when I try a new restaurant. I hate when place pack tables in and you end up hearing the people next to you talking. Terrible. The wall of mirrors was very classy. 

          As for the meal, started with shrimp cocktail, which had the largest shrimp ever, and a very colorful prime salad with fresh goat cheese. I ordered the ribeye along with potatoes au gratin, grilled Brussels sprouts, and grilled asparagus followed by New York cheesecake topped with maraschino cherries. It was all simply amazing! The only complaint I had was not bringing a bigger appetite. 

            Who’s 117 Prime for? Well, anyone wanting a very unique and upscale dining experience. That experience won’t break the bank, but will still leave you feeling you've gotten your money’s worth. This is a great date idea as well as a great family dinner spot. Don’t like steak? Well, they have lots of other options including vegetarian and vegan dishes. See, there’s really no excuse to not try them. So go try them out and never ever eat a well done steak. Trust me on this. 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.